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허클베리핀 : Huckleberry Finn (1998 - )
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Biography or Not

Another band just "picked up" by chance. I guess they are a grunge band. I saw their names before, but didn't know what they were like. They have their own distinctive color, I should say. A bit dark, but still interesting. --HongCho, (08/24/1998)

18 IlEui SuYoIl (1998); Wednesday during 18 days; 18일의 수요일

HongCho, 1998-08-06

This is an interesting band. First of all, HuckleberryFinn are LeeGiYong (bass, guitars), NamSangA (vocal, guitars), and KimSangU (drums).

When I first listened to their songs, I didn't realized that the vocal was actually a female. Actually, I saw the female picture on the info sleeve, but her voice is much tougher than what she looks like.

They are another "underground" band making their own music. I like them. Recording and mixing might need a little more work (they sound a bit old... early 80-ish feel), but what they created is quite good. They sound more "conventional" than HeoBeogJi Band, but they have a potential to become "popular". Okay, maybe I am stretching a little...

Bottom line: Into my changer.

They are another "underground" rock band, releasing their albums under GangAJi label.

This band carries much darker colors than other underground rock bands I've listened to. Their lyrics often don't make much of sense and are often inconsistant, but I don't think that's what they wanted to focus on. It seems they pick a subject and its related moods and try to draw them out from their music.

Suprisingly, I really like the vocal. When I first listened to the CD, I didn't even know that the singer was a female. I only realized it when I looked at the inner sleeve as listening to the second track.

BoDo BeulLeok Sidewalk
CheotBeonJjae Gok The First Song
BulEul JiReuNeun AI A Fire-Setting Child
Huckleberry Finn
Pul Plants
GalGaMaGwi A Jackdaw
SaMaGwi A Praying Mantis
Teacher Says?
JukIDa To Kill



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