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신중현 : Shin JungHyeon (1938 - )
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LINK : KPDB:1888새 창으로 열기

1. Biography or Not
2. YeopJeonDeul(1974); Shin JungHyeon & YeopJeons; 신중현과 엽전들 1집
3. A Tribute to Shin JungHyeon(1997); 신중현에게 바침
4. Not for Rock(2002)

1. Biography or Not

2. YeopJeonDeul(1974); Shin JungHyeon & YeopJeons; 신중현과 엽전들 1집

 GaYo, Psychedelic

This album is the first release with his trio band YeopJeonDeul. The simple and psychedelic play is unique in Korea. I think SanUlRim and ShinJungHyeon represent the Korean Psychedelic Era[mid 60s - 70s].
He influenced by American Blues, Psychedelic and Korean Traditional Music. His guitar sound hears like GaYaGeum[traditional string instrument]. His melody and rhythm is far from US/UK. So we call him the godfather.
When ShinJungHyeon acts in Korean rock scene, the level of Korean popular music is not so poor. But military goverment of ParkJeongHui pressed the musicians include ShinJungHyeon, KimMinGi and HanDaeSu, so just poor musics remained on the popular music scene.
You can see what is Korean Psychedelic on this album.

3. A Tribute to Shin JungHyeon(1997); 신중현에게 바침

 Rock, Hard Rock, Gayo, Ballade

Who oppose to told ShinJungHyeon as the father of Korean Rock?
The 1st tribute album to Korean Musician was made under this atmosphere. A few good underground musicians participated. And the result is really good. A critic told, 'a tribute more than real songs' but I don't think so...^^; Anyway this 2CD album contains rock oriented side(Disk 1) and the other songs(Disk 2).

GangSanE sung [BaRam; Wind] , it shows GangSanE becomes one of the real rocker. He always does persevering attitude. SiNaWi's leader is ShinDaeChul, the son of ShinJoongHyun. Their version of [GgotIp; Petal] is also powerful.
He wrote many lyrical songs like [BomBi; Rain of Spring] which sung by backbone female singer LeeEunMi. HanYeongAe, JanisJoplin of Korea, sung [Bom; Spring] . She doesn't sing in her style.
At the end of Disk 2, all the singers sung the admiration song [AReumDaOon GangSan; Beautiful Country].
This album show the underground power of Korean rockers. It contains also instrumental compositions. --DisTort, 1999

The Heart of the Rock 1997 [YBM/Seoul Records]

Track English Meaning Original Performer Year Performer
BaRam Wind KimJeongMi 1972 GangSanE
GgotNip Petal Donkeys 1969 SiNaWi
IJe GeuMan GaBoJa Let's Start Now ShinJungHyeon Gwa SeNaGeuNe 1983 YunDoHyeon Band
GgotNip Petal(instrument) Donkeys 1969 LeeJungSan
MiRyeon Attachment LimAYeong 1971 BomYeoReumGaEulGyeoUl
JeulGeoWo Happy ShinJungHyeon Gwa SeNaGeuNe 1983 Questions
MiIn Beautiful Woman ShinJungHyeon Gwa YeopJeonDeul 1974 ?

New and Newer 1997 [YBM/Seoul Records]

BomBi Spring Rain Donkeys 1969 LeeEunMi
HaetNim Sun KimJeongMi 1973 BokSungA
IJeoYa HanDaMyeon If I Have to Forget KimJeongMi 1972 SaRangGwaPyeongHwa
NaMutNipI DdeoReoJeotSeo Leaves Fall KimChuJa 1969 KimGwangMin
SeogYang Evening Sun JangHyeon 1972 JeongWonYeong and HanSangWon
Bom Spring KimJeongMi 1973 HanYeongAe
BitSokEui YeoIn Woman in Rain AddFour 1964 KimMokGyeong
NeoMan BoMyeon Whenever I See You ShinJungHyeon Gwa MusicPower 1980 NonPig
AReumDaWun GangSan Beautiful Country The Man 1972 VaAr

4. Not for Rock(2002)


DisTort, 2002 05 07

5CD Box Set.

  1. ShinJungHyeon & YeopJeons : Vol 1+2(1974+1974, 2LP on 1CD)
  2. ShinJungHyeon & Music Power : AReumDaUn GangSan(1980)
  3. ShinJungHyeon & Music Power : NaeGaSson WiSeong(1982)
  4. Compilation : The ShinJungHyeon Songbook
  5. ShinJungHyeon & YeopJeons : Instrumental Best(1975)

It's very nice box for the ShinJungHyeon beginners. His late works are compiled in cheap price.
Most of all the 4th disk is nice for old ShinJungHyeon fans. JangHyeon, InSunI ParkInSu KimJeongMi sung ShinJungHyeon's tracks. InSunI shows very powerful soul voice. We must redig InSunI!
But this compilation is not so good plan. ShinJungHyeon's songs are related with very complex copyright problems. So no music company couldn't dig his historical plays. And many mastertapes are already gone with the wind...=.= This compilation covers just a part of his huge career. The most poorest thing is the company never gave ShinJungHyeon copyright fee till now, for 30 years. Perhaps this title will be deleted on the catalog.
Sorry to say this bad condition of Korean Music Industry.


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