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김광석 : Kim GwangSeok (1964 - 1996)
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Biography or Not

DaSiBuReuGi 1(1993); Remake 1; 다시부르기 1

 ★★★★★  [DongA GiHoik]  
 Folk, Protest, Rock, Ballad

KimGwangSeok is one of the brilliant modern folk musicians. At first he sung in DongMulWon.
This album is his first best. But it doesn't just best. His earlier recordings were recorded with dissatisfaction. So he rerecorded his earlier songs with JoDongIk band.
[IDeungByeongEui PyeonJi; Letter from a Private]새 창으로 열기 comforted the Boys(Korea does conscription) or [GwangYaESeo; On the Wide Field]새 창으로 열기 was protest anthem.

NeBeonJjae(1994); 4th; 네번째

 ★★★★☆  [DongA GiHoik]  
 Modern Folk, Folk Rock, Gayo

After releasing < DaSiBuReuGi I >, he got confidence. He was feeling his early recordings lacked on sound and sense. He was in slump. But this 4th LP was breakthough, he satisfied.
This album contains love, self-help and freedom. Most of all [NuMu APeun SaRangEun SaRangI ANiEotEumEul; The Love with too much Pain is not Love]새 창으로 열기 show he is most brilliant folk singer with AnChiHwan after KimMinGi, HanDaeSu, JeongTaeChun.
You can feel his slightly sad but hopeful mind.

DaSiBuReuGi 2(1995); Remake 2; 다시부르기 2

 ★★★★★  [DongA GiHoik]  
 Folk, Protest, Rock, Ballad 

He sings modern folk masterpieces in this second remake album. It contained pride that he is succession of Korean Modern Folk. LeeJeongSeon's [GeuNyeoGa CheoEum UlDeonNal; The day she cried for the first time]새 창으로 열기 is revived in KimGwangSeok's voice. I like this version more. And [BulHaengA; Unhappy Man]새 창으로 열기 or [ByeonHaeGaNe; All things change]새 창으로 열기 was also another good remake.
But it became his posthumous work.

He suicided.


As Year Album Title
NoChatSa 1984 NoRaeReul ChatNeun SaRamDeul
DongMulWon 1988 GeoRiESeo
On the Street
DongMulWon 1988 HeuRinGaEulE PyeonJiReul Sseo
I wrote a letter on the gray sky.
KimGwangSeok 1989 NeoEGe
To You
KimGwangSeok 1991 SaRangHatJiMan
I Loved...but
KimGwangSeok 1993 NaEui NoRae
My Song
KimGwangSeok 1993 DaSiBuReuGi 1
Remake 1
KimGwangSeok 1994 NeBeunJjae
KimGwangSeok 1995 DaSiBuReuGi 2
Remake 2
KimGwangSeok 1996 InSaengIYaGi
Story of Life(Live part 1)
KimGwangSeok 1996 NoRaeIYaGi
Story of Songs(Live part 2)

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마지막 편집일: 2004-3-11 4:59 pm (변경사항 [d])
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