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마지막 편집일: 2002-3-15 2:19 pm (변경사항 [d])
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언니네 이발관 : Barbershop of Aunt (1995 - )

LINK : 언니네이발관 [Official Homepage]새 창으로 열기

Biography or not

I've recently learned that the unique name of the band came from the title of a Japanese p0rn movie they happened to watch. I absolute know nothing about the band. It seems they are semi-pro rock band from the way they sound. However, they are much, much better than most new singers that come out these days. --HongCho, 1999-04-16

BiDulGiNeun HaNeulEui Jui(1995); Pigeons are Mice of Sky; 비둘기는 하늘의 쥐

2037905 [SeokGiSiDae; King Record]
 Modern Rock, Indie

EonNiNeIBalGwan are LeeSeokWon (v, g), RyuGiDeok (b), YuCheolSang (dr) and JeongDaeWuk (g).

I just picked up their CD while I was at a music store in Seoul. I had never heard of them, nor did I know what kind of music it contained. The only reason I got this CD was that the name of the band was very "unconventional" and their CD jacket design was so "unrefined." But you know what? This was one of those compulsive choice that actually turned out to be great. Their music is close to modern rock. If you can imagine DongMulWon coming out today with some influence from a band like REM, I think you can get the idea. --HongCho, 1999-04-16

EonNiNe started amature band. Leader LeeSeokWon disciplined guitar during just half year and formed the band. Like Blur, their music also simple but straight. Band name made after a porno film title. They didn't release on indie label but their style or attitude belong to indie scene. Nobody can't expect their success but successed. I don't like LeeSeokWon cause he is very aggressive controversialist. But I approve his music is simple and frank. They released 2nd LP. --DisTort, 1999

DongGyeong Aspiration
BoYeoJulSun EopGetJi Can't You Show
JuiNeun NeoYa You are the Mouse
SaengIl GiBun Birthday Mood
SanChaekGgeut ChuGyeokJeon End of a Walk, a Chase
Fan Club
RoRaenDeu GoRilLa Roland Gorilla
SangEop GeuReonJi Commercial Grunge
MiUmEui JeGuk The Empire of Hatred
SoNyeon Boy
USeuUn OHu Funny Afternoon

HuIlDam(1998); Sequal; 후일담

2082796 [SeokGiSiDae; Synnara]
 Modern Rock, Indie

Finally, they recorded something beside the cartoon theme songs. :) EonNiNeIBalGwan are LeeSeokWon (vocal & guitars), JeongDaeWuk (guitars), LeeSangMun (bass), and KimTaeYun (drums & percussions).

They continue their own musical journey with this 12-track album. I even like the simple cover art design (which was incidentally done by DayTripper). There is one track written in some foreign script (I think it might be Hebrew or Sanskrit), which I have no idea. I think I will ask around.

I doubt they will ever be featured on a teen music show. :) But I think they are doing their own music, and it is pretty good.

Bottom line: Well, I like it. I don't know about you. :) --HongCho, 1999-04-04

This is their much-anticipated second album. They are continuing to do their own kind of pop rock. --HongCho, 1999-04-13

YuRi Glass
EoJe ManNan SyuTing SeuTa Shooting Star I Met Yesterday
SilRakWon Paradise Lost
GgumEui PapSong Pop Song of Dream
SunSuHamIRaGon EopNeun Jeong Affection Without Any Innocense
DaEum GokEun MwoJyo? What's the Next Song?
EoDdeon Nal One Day
MuMyeong TaekSi Noname Taxi
??? [in an unrecognized script]
InSaengEui Byeol Star of One's Life
CheongSeung GoBaek Pitiful Confession
NeoEui BiMilEui HwaWon Your Secret Garden


As Year Album Title
EonNiNeIBalGwan 1996 BiDulGiNeun HaNeulEui Jui
Pigeons are Mice of Sky
EonNiNeIBalGwan 1998 HuIlDam



마지막 편집일: 2002-3-15 2:19 pm (변경사항 [d])
221 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기