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어어부 : EoEoBu Project Band (1997 - ) aka UhUhBoo Project Sound
RELATED : WonIl JangYeongGyu

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Oobu Project Band 어어부 밴드 Oobu band most closely fit the image that is conjured up by the terms underground & avante guard in English. An experimental band that I believe started in 1986 or 1987, they are a true experimental band and one of the most interesing and unusual groups of recent times. They have produced one album on CD and did various concerts last year. The album, particularly the vocals, bring to mind comparisons of Tom Waits or Nick Cave's Birthday Party work.
The band employs a variety of intstruments including some tradtional Korean instruments. It could be that the driving forces of Oobu band were inspired by Seo Taiji's Haiyoga and other work which mixes western and traditional Korean sounds and textures but Oobu band does so to a much greater extent and strays much more widely from pop music formulas. I suspect another influence may have been percussionist Kim Dae Hwan (김대환) who blends his own style of traditional Korean purcussion into a modern jazz genre.

Posters announcing the release of their second album and supporting concert series appeared in June. Their second album, now available is a double album.


PiBu ISik (1996); Skin Grafting; 피부이식 as 'DoMaBaem'

 (World Music)

This is another group that I happened to pick up because I liked the cover and the titles of the tracks. They are not bad... interesting, I should say. I guess they were not noticed because what they were doing is not what the teenagers these days look for. After reading the booklet again, I noticed that JangYeongGyu was one of the members for EoEoBu Project Band album. Interesting. And JeongUChan also helped out in every track of the project album.

DoMaBaem are JangYeongGyu (b, v), JeongUChan (g, v), and LeeByeongHun (kbd, v, computer programming).

What comes to my mind when I was listening to this album was... 80's, DuranDuran. Is it just me? They certainly do have 80's influence. Very perculiar.

Even though all the composition and the orchestration were done by the group, all the lyrics except for two songs were written by KimRyu. All of them are very sci-fi-oriented. Very techno. Moebius was written by one of the member, LeeByeongHun, and Knife GyeSiRok was written by EoEoBu, which actually sounds a lot like one of his songs. --HongCho, 1997-07-11

NaIPeu GyeSiRok Knife Apocalypse
PaRi BiHaeng Fly Flight
MoRae InGan Sandman
YukMyeonCheSokEui Na Me in a Cube
GgaMaGwi Crow
HaeJeoDoSi Underwater City
SeuPoIDeu Spoid
5 Bun DongAn For 5 Minutes
MaJiMak OHu The Last Afternoon
ASeuPalTeu DoMaBaem Asphalt Lizzard
HaeJeoDoSi (remix) Underwater City

SonIkBunGiJeom (1997); Profit and Loss Critical Point; 손익분기점

 ★★★★ (Song Studio; DongA)
 Experimental, Avant-Garde, Satire 

HongCho, 1997-06-01

Okay, I finally found out that the EoEoBu is a real person and is also know as BaekHyeonJin, according to MBC's NETOP webzine.

This is another experimental band. They use quite a bit of Korean traditional instruments. I have no idea what the members were doing before. I just liked their "uniqueness."

This is a single album. It has only four titles. And I don't know if there will be a full version. I think they shared a similar ideas about and attitude toward gayo with HwangSinHyeBand.

EoEoBu Project Band are WonIl, JangYeongGyu and EoEoBu.

DisTort, 1999

EoEoBu is real avant-garde musician. Their experimentalism and performance is unique, like Faust or HenryCow.
If you listen ['SeSangE' EoNeu GaJok JulGeoRi; Beautiful 'Oh, My God!' Some Family Story]'s content you'll be surprised at their cynical lyrics.
Most members acts solo play in underground scene.
[GgakDduGi; Sausage Cubed Kimchi] also shows their own style.
This EP is their debut. Tha person who lies on the street is Twist Kim, very popular entertainer in Korea.

DamYo SeSang DamYo World
NokSaekByeongWon Green Hospital
AReumDaWun SeSangE EoNeu GaJok JulGeoRi A Summary about a Family in Such a Beautiful World
SoSeJi, GgakDuGi

Gae, ReokKi SeuTa (1998); Dog, Lucky Star; 개, 럭키 스타

 (Pump GiRok; Digital Media Records) 

Man, are they different! I don't think I can this album a "pop" album. This is, indeed, a project... I don't think they really care about how many CDs they sell... :)

This time, UhUhBoo Projectsound are just JeoJa (aka. Baek, HyeonJin) and Jang, YoungGyu. Won, Il, who were listed as a member the last time, still played for a couple of the track.

I love this CD. Listening to this CD is like going on an adventure into someone else's psyche... Some are plain narrations, most words really don't make much sense. Somewhat like attending a avant-gard "performance" show... A very strange experience, indeed. This album is more "theme"-oriented than their last project.

Bottom line: Not recommended for most people. This is not for the changers.

What can I say? They have done it again. This album is more "project" than their previous work. And there is a reason for a slight modification of their name to EoEoBu Project"sound" because the album is all about creating and experimenting "sounds."

For this album, they picked a theme (or a story, which is weird to start with) and they are trying to tell that story using various sound ques, words and music. They often seem inconsistent and illogical; it almost feels like you are gazing into one's subconsciousness. This is not for a casual enjoyment.

EoEoBu Projectsound are JangYeongGyu (vocals, music, arrangements), and JeoJa (aka. EoEoBu) (vocals, music, words). I realized that JangYeongGyu was with DoMaBaem before.

Beside the regular members, LeeIn, LeeCheolHeui, WonIl, LeeJuYeong, GoJiYeon, SongJuWon, and OhYeongHun. --HongCho, (08/24/1998)

SeonGo / JaBaek Sentencing / Confession
Gae Dog
EumMo Conspiracy
OHuE BiSsan SilSu Expensive Mistake in the Afternoon
5 Chok JeonGu 50-Watt Light Bulb
HaSuGu CheHeom A Sewage Experience
HaSuGu A Sewage
BulChungBun JoGeon Insufficient Conditions
MyeonDoKal GeSiRok The Razorblade Apocalypse
InSeuTanTeu Ggum Instant Dreams
BunSil Lost
ReJi KimYangEui JinSul Miss Kim's Statements
EoHangSokEui DaBang Coffee Shop in a Fish Tank
SuSaBanJang A Police Inspector
MaRuGa GgeoJin EunSinCheo A Hideout with Broken Floors
JaDongMun An Automatic Door
AHopEul SeDa To Count to Nine
HeuiBakHan YukMyeonChe Thin Cube


As Year Album Title
DoMaBaem 1996 PiBuISik
Skin Grafting
EoEoBu Project Band 1997 SonIkBunGiJeom
Profit and Loss Critical Point
WonIl 1997 Asura
WonIl 1998 AReumDaUn SiJeol
Beautiful Age(OST)
EoEoBu Project Band 1998 Gae, LeoKi SeuTa
Dog, Lucky Star
JangYeongGyu 2000 BanChikWang
Foul King(OST)
EoEoBu Project Band 2000 21C New Hair



마지막 편집일: 2003-4-15 9:10 pm (변경사항 [d])
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