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마지막 편집일: 2002-3-12 6:49 pm (변경사항 [d])
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어떤날 : One Day (1985 - 1989)
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 Modern Folk, GaYo, Fusion Jazz

EoDdeonNal is the duo of JoDongIk and LeeByeongU. In 80s Military Dictatorship pressed cultural movement so there can't be good rock music. So there are just popular GaYo and folk oriented music. Perhaps SanUlRim and DeulGukHwa were the unique excetions. In the dark days EoDdeonNal was the sudden rain in hottest summer. JoDongIk's whisper on clean and cool guitar synthesizer play of LeeByeongU is so calm and attractive. In Korea the tradition of modern folk is very strong. They succeeded the stream in progressive way. Guitar play of LeeByeongU partly similar to PatMetheny, but sticks to JoDongIk's voice organically. --DisTort, 1999


 Modern Folk, GaYo, Fusion Jazz 

The meaning of EoDdeonNal is not just existence themselves. JoDongIk is the little brother of JoDongJin, one of the giant of Korean modern folk. Jo brothers became the founders of the label HaNa Music/DongAGiHoik. JoDongJin acted as the parent and JoDongIk produced so many good albums. JoDongIk formed his pro-session band and showed the authentic way how to play and produce the album. If you like 80-90s GaYo albums you can see his name as producer or bass player. And LeeByeongU went to Berkeley for study guitar play after releasing this album. He released 4 solo albums after EoDdeonNal. Of course good albums. The brilliant masterpiece in GaYo history. --DisTort, 1999


As Year Album Title
EoDdeonNal 1986 1960-1965
EoDdeonNal 1989 II
LeeByeongU 1989 NaeGaGeuRin GiRin GeuRimEun
Giraffe Picture that I Draw
LeeByeongU 1990 HonJa GatNeun DaSiGanEul WiHaYeo
For my own Tea Time
LeeByeongU 1993 SaengGakEopNeun SaengGak
Think of Thinkless
JoDongIk 1994 DongGyeong
Scenes of Kidage
JoDongIk 1994 JangMiBit InSaeng
Rosy Life[OST]
LeeByeongU 1995 YaGanBiHaeng
Night Flight
LeeByeongU 1995 Merry Christmas
JoDongIk 1998 Movie[OST]
JoDongIk 1999 Nae MaeumEui PungGeum
Organ on my Mind[OST]



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