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동물원 : Zoo (1988 - )
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Biography or Not

GeoRiESeo(1988); On the Street; 거리에서
 ★★★★☆  [DongA GiHoik]  
 GaYo, Ballad, Modern Folk

DongMulWon is a musical companian community. They wanted to release just one album. But this debut album got a big hit. Their naive and lyrical voice with the lyrics about 20s-30s appealed to young people(we call them 386 age, they're the leading group of Korea, now).
Under the influence of modern folk, they does pop & folk. The confusion about the transition of environment on [ByeonHaeGaNe; All Things Change]새 창으로 열기 still touching me.
This album is one of the most important album on GaYo history and the start of brilliant era. Kim GwangSeok was a member of the first 2 albums

DongMulWon 3(1990)

Whoa... This brings up a lot of memory. First things first. DongMulWon are KimChangGi (my personal favorite in the group), YuJunYeol, ParkGyeongChan, BaeYoungGil, and ParkGiYoung.

I don't think they need to be introduced. :) I was in L.A. on business, so I stopped by Music Plaza to get some new CDs. And this jewel caught my eyes. I think I still have it in a cassette tape, but I wanted it. I think this third album is their best work. Although the performance and recording might need some work, but this one CD is what got me into the band. The words and the music... Okay, I know I am biased, but I like every single track on this album. :)

Bottom line: Although it's a bit old, I like it, and I think you will like it, too. --HongCho, 1999-04-27

SiCheongAp JiHaCheol YeokESeo At the City Hall Subway Station
YuRiRo ManDeun Bae Ship Made of Glass
NoRae Song
SaRangHaeYo I Love You
PyoJeong Faces
GilEul GeolEuMyeo As Walking the Street
NaNeun Na, NeoNeun Neo I am I, You are You
GeulSse, GeuGeol EoDdeoKe MalHaNa How Should I Put It
GaEulEun Autumn Is
MoDuGa JaRaOn JiNaGan SiJeolEn When We Were Younger

DongMulWon 6(1995)

  [King Record] 

This is their latest release. I really loved their third album. I haven't listened to it enough, it is quite new although not as good as the third one.

I don't know the songs well enough to recommend, but I think the first one was the first single. --HongCho, 1999-09-13

Neol SaRangHaGetSeo I Will Love You
HaSoYeon Complaints
NaeGa GaJin JoEun Jeom My Good Points
Gal Su EopNeun NaRa Forbidden Country
SaMakEul GeonNeoNeun Beop How To Cross A Desert
SanDaNeun GeotSeun To Live...
GaEulEui NoRae Song Of Autumn
ChuEunNal A Cold Day
JamDeulJiDo GgaeEoNaJiDo MotHaNeun Ggum Weird Dreams
EoDdeon SiInEui NoRae A Poet's Song
NaDo JaYuRoWotSeuMyeon Hae I'd Also Like To Be Free
GeuDaeReul WiHan SoPum A Short Piece For You

DongMulWon 7(1997)

Wow, the seventh album. As a lot of you know that most of the members have some professions that are not related to the gayo business. And they still found a time to do make another album.

I still think their third album is the best, but this album is at least on a par with the sixth album. These days, I am leaning more toward the type of music that I can go a little crazy on in concerts, but still like their music. I think the gayo audience in Korea is getting too aggressive to appreciate their music these days. They definitely have a lot to say and they are saying it the best way they know how. --HongCho, 1998-01-09

KimChangGi and LeeBeomYong : ChangGo (1997)

No the title does not mean the same thing as the title of KimDeokSu's album. Here it means "storage." This is a collaboration album by KimChangGi of (DongMulWon and LeeBeomYong whom I don't know anything about him except that he plays one kick-ass harmonica.

Overall, it sounds a lot like a regular DongMulWon. I guess Mr. Kim had a lot of songs written and wanted to get them out because 12 of 13 songs (with one more take of a song) were all written by him. He is actually one of the two DongMulWon song writers (the other is YuJunYeol I like most. If you like the group, you will enjoy this album. For older audience, I guess. --HongCho, 1998-01-08


Year Album Title
1988 GeoRiESeo
On the Street
1988 HeuRinGaEulE PyeonJiReul Sseo
I wrote a letter on the gray sky.
1990 SiCheongAp JiHaCheol YeokESeo
On the Subway Station front the City Hall
1991 AChimIMyeon
On Every Morning
1993 URiGa SeSangE GilDeulGi SiJakHan HuBuTeo
After We're Learning the World.
1994 In Concert
1995 Neol SaRangHaGetEo
I'll Love You
1996 DaSiGaBon DongMulWon
Zoo Revisited[Remake best of former albums]
1997 SaRangNi
Wisdom Tooth

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