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마지막 편집일: 2002-4-9 3:49 pm (변경사항 [d])
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DongAGiHoik; 동아기획

Short History

http://www.dongamusic.com새 창으로 열기

DongAGiHoik(aka DongA Planning or DongA Music) was a leading company which lead the 80s new wave of GaYo.

Before DongAGiHoik, Korean folk/psyche/trot albums released from the labels like SeoRaBeol, JiGu, SinSeGye, SeouL and so on. But the labels couldn't get a unique colour or brand power. They're just music publisher.

But DongAGiHoik released albums with conscousness of 'naive but subjective'. So the albums from DongAGiHoik had colours their own and music fans started to know the label name with artist name.

We called their style as 'underground'. It means they don't hang on the commercial success and their main work is the concert, the contact with fans. So they restrained to appear on TV and persued the completeness and deepness of albums. Surplus income of some hit singers used for making albums of other under musicians and for project concerts.

Music fans loved the label DongAGiHoik, so the label got the position like TheGRP, TheECM or BlueNote. Fans bought the albums with the trust to the label. They participated the DongAGiHoik concerts also. I think it's really good relationship among the music, music industry, musician and fan.

Sadly as changing the ages, dance music hit the GaYo scene. Many fans who loved DongA GiHoik grew old and new fans didn't love DongAGiHoik. DongAGiHoik still exists even the influence is declining.

Important Musicians

1st age, ~80s: the construction of underground music culture

KimHyeonSik JoDongJin JoDongIk DeulGukHwa
SinChonBlues LeeJeongSeon HanYeongAe SiInGwaChonJang

2nd age, ~90s: the boom of underground and variety of music

BomYeoReumGaEulGyeoUl KimHyeonCheol ParkHakGi JangPilSun
ShinHyeongWon PuReunHaNeul JeongWonYeong HanSangWon

3rd age, ~00s: still alive, indie music and idols

KimJangHun LeeSoRa EoEoBu Project Band HwangSinHyeBand
PiPi Band HusH LimHyeonJeong

Project Albums

URiNoRaeJeonSiHoi vol.1-4
ChuEokManDeulGi vol.1-8
HaNaMusic Omnibus vol.1-3

마지막 편집일: 2002-4-9 3:49 pm (변경사항 [d])
175 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기