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도시락 : Picture, Poem & Music : Brown Bag
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Biography or Not

DoSiRak TeukGongDae(1997); Picture, Poet and Music Commando; 도시락 특공대

 Folk, Psychedelic, Progressive, Free Improvisation, GaYo

HongCho, 1997-11-27

This is an "omnibus" album by several "underground" rock musicians. The album contains 11 tracks by HwangSinHyeBand, HwangBoRyeong, KimChangWan from SanUlRim, JangYeongGyu, WonIl and EoEoBu from EoEoBu Project, LeeSangEun, PiPi Long Stocking, and GangSanE.

Not only their tracks are as diverse as the number of participants, but they each put their own characters into their section in the inner sleeve. Each has its own drawings and writings. Pretty cool. It took me a couple of minutes to understand what Ms. LeeSangEun meant by calling herself "LeeTzsche".

I guess I can't really recommend this album to everyone. It definitely has an "anti-" main-stream elements. If you liked any of the works by the above artists, you should check it out. If you are not so crazy about them, you will think this album is a joke (maybe it is).

This is an "omnibus" album, which, I think, means it contains works by several people with unrelated themes. (Whatever!) Actually this is a work by some of my favorite musicians. It's rather a collection of very eccentric people. Not mainstream at all.

They are KimChangWan, LeeSangEun, HwangSinHyeBand, PiPi Long Stocking, WonIl (also of EoEoBu Project Band), HwangBoRyeong, JangYeongGyu (of EoEoBu Project Band and DoMaBaem), GangSanE and EoEoBu himself (I thought he was a figment of someone's imagination, but he actually does exist).

The CD also has two "improvisation" tracks, which are interesting. Somewhat strange, but it shows each performer's characters very well.

I know everyone except for HwangBoRyeong. Initially, I thought she was LeeSangEun's alter ego. They do have very similar sounding voices. I still don't have any idea who Ms. Hwang is or what are her previous works.

Oh, I've written the name, DoSiRak, as it is because it was how it was spelled in the CD info sheet. It should be written as "DoSiRak," which would mean a "lunch box." It is also written in Chinese characters which mean "picture, poem, fun." Which also brings up the design of the CD info sheet: each musicians who did the track wrote the song and also drew/designed the background for it. Pretty interesting.

DisTort, 1999

DoSiRak TeukGongDae(Picture, Poet and Music Commando) is project compilation album. It divided to YeolBan(HwangSinHyeBand, HwangBoRyeong, KimChangWan, JangYeongGyu, WonIl] and UBan(LeeSangEun, PiPi Long Stocking, EoEoBu, GangSanE]. Each members are important person in Korean indie music/culture scene. At the end of parts, there are free jam session of team.

HwangSinHyeBand shows kitsch style music and fashion, they released 2 LPs and 1 EP.

EoEoBu(aka JeoJa or MaBu), JangYeongGyu and WonIl are all the members of EoEoBu Project Band. EoEoBu Project Band similar to HwangSinHyeBand but more experimental, avantgarde style. EoEoBu and KimHyeongTae are also Installation/Hybrid Artists.

JangYeongGyu does OST like BanChikWang(Foul King). WonIl does experimental and folk percussion play, he released few albums.

LeeSangEun is a female singer-songwriter who has east-north Asia folk feel. She acts in Japan as the name LeeTzsche. At first she was idol at last she is an artist. Please see GangSanE, LeeSangEun and KimChangWan also. This album contains curious and free style Korean indie music. I think it's a one of the best compilation represents the Korean Rock.

BapJungDok Food Addiction HwangSinHyeBand
WoeBal BiDulGi One-Legged Pigeon HwangBoRyeong
Geu Ddaen JoAtJi Good Old Days KimChangWan
BiNuBangWulHokSeong - NalEuNeun KoGgiRiReul EopEun JeoMyeongHan IAnBakSa Soap Bubble Planet - Honorable Dr. Ian Who Is Carrying a Flying Elephant on His Back JangYeongGyu
Bul Fire WonIl
Improvisation Performance I GangSanE, DalPaRan(PiPi), EoEoBu, HwangBoRyeong, WonIl, JoGgaChi(HwangSinHyeBand)
Hold Me LeeSangEun
GgotBaeDal WiJang GangDo Armed Robbery Camouflaged as Flower Delivery PiPi Long Stocking
Bat GaNeun DwaeJi Field-Plowing Pig EoEoBu
Comedy GangSanE
Improvisation Performance II KimChangWan, KimHyeongTae, GoGuMa, LeeSangEun and JangYeongGyu



마지막 편집일: 2002-4-4 1:28 pm (변경사항 [d])
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