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디제이덕 : DJ DOC

LINK : [Official Homepage]새 창으로 열기 KPDB:1010365새 창으로 열기

HongCho, 1997-08-17

Well, I didn't think I was going to encode any more new songs, but I really don't believe this is the end...
So, I present DjDOC. They are interesting in the sense that they actually represent the club DJs in the downtown Seoul. They were discovered by DjCheoRi and extending his style of dance music.

You should really be able to understand their words and some background of the Korean life to appreciate them fully, I think. Their strongest point lies in their funny and satirical lyrics. The first single they came out with was Superman, and it was satirizing on the life of an average Korean male.

DjDOC are LeeHaNeul, KimChangRyeol and JeongJaeYong.

4th Album (1997)
 (King Record)

HongCho, 1997-08-17

This album contains 17 tracks. The last one is a just a blab about something in English that fortunately (or unfortunately) got overlooked by the Korean Censorship Board. The album, as a whole, is a well-made one. They haven't forgotten where they came from and are sticking to what they do best: re-mixing of familiar melodies and beats and funny words and raps.

Here are the tracks that I liked. Seoul Train, Scratch Family, MoReuGetSeo? and BbiGeokBbiGeok.

BbiGeokBbiGeok (Clean version)
GaBeoRyeo Just Go Away
HaeByeonEuRo GaYo (PART II) Let's Go to the Beach
GeoJitMalIYa (Radio version) It's a Lie
Everybody (Club version)
MuAJiGyeong Ecstacy
DOC Wa ChumEul... Dance with DOC...
GgolTong IlGi Idiot Diary
Seoul Train
Scratch Family
5 Bun DaeGiJo Five-Minute Stand-by Service
MiAnHae Sorry
MoReuGetSeo? Cannot Understand
BaetNoRi Boat Song
MaEumDaeRo Hae Do Whatever You Feel Like

The Life...DOC 5% Blues (2000)

 GaYo, HipHop, Ballad, Dance 

DisTort, 1999

DjDOC(Dream of Children) was a one of the common dance group on the GaYo scene. DjCheoRi(aka ShinCheol) became producer and made them as a dance group. In Korea many productions make dance group for commercial hits. Just a Korean star system.
But on their 4th album they became hiphop band which has their own style. This 5th album is one of the best album of many Korean hiphop/dance albums.
They know what is rhyme. Most indie hiphop crew speaks Korean rhyme well, but it's not so easy to get popularity also. DJ DOC got both popularity and musical success also. Their abuse[or 4 character words] is very coooool.

On [PoJoRi]새 창으로 열기 they ask police is people's friend or enemy, with traditional intro.
[Run to You]새 창으로 열기 did mega hit among young lovers.
They also do the groove on the song, [Boogie Bight]새 창으로 열기.
Other cynical lyrics [BuIkBu BinIkBin; Maney Makes Money]새 창으로 열기.


Year Album Title
1994 1
1995 2
1996 GeoUlIYaGi
Winter Story
1996 DaeHanMinGuk ManSe(EP)
Viva! Korea
1996 Summer(EP)
1997 4
1997 Best Panda Mix
2000 The Life...DOC Blues 5%



마지막 편집일: 2002-3-27 1:07 am (변경사항 [d])
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