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마지막 편집일: 2003-1-9 2:22 am (변경사항 [d])
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1. 2002 10 13 Sun. Barcelona, Espana
2. 2002 10 14 Mon. Gaudi! Barcelona
3. 2002 10 15 Tue. Barcelona
4. 2002 10 16 Wed. Barcelona
5. 2002 10 18, Fri. Sevilla, Espana
6. 2002 10 19 Sat. Sevilla

1. 2002 10 13 Sun. Barcelona, Espana

Quo Vadis Domine?

She told me 'GamSaHapNiDa(Thank You)' in Korean!!

At Barcelona airport

Finally I got the room for one day...

2. 2002 10 14 Mon. Gaudi! Barcelona

Tep:PA140612.jpg Tep:PA140613.jpg
Appearance of La Pedrera

Tep:PA140614.jpg Tep:PA140615.jpg
Inside of La Pedrera

Tep:PA140618.jpg Tep:PA140619.jpg
Roof side of La Pedrera

Tep:PA140620.jpg Tep:PA140626.jpg
Gundams? -_- Perhaps these are airshafts

Tep:PA140623.jpg Tep:PA140624.jpg
On the roof

Surface. La Pedrera means the stonepit.

Tep:PA140633.jpg Tep:PA140653.jpg
Tep:PA140655.jpg Tep:PA140656.jpg
Fasade of Crucifix

Tep:PA140635.jpg Tep:PA140636.jpg
Fasade of Birth

Tep:PA140637.jpg Tep:PA140642.jpg
Under construction forever

Stairway to Heaven?

Block type city structure of Barcelona

Parc Guel

Tep:PA140658.jpg Tep:PA140682.jpg
Mascotes of Parc Guel. Lizard and Dragon

Cute bench

Tep:PA140660.jpg Tep:PA140680.jpg
All the surfaces are under tiles

It looks like a cake

Tep:PA140673.jpg Tep:PA140679.jpg
A jam session, I bought their CD, they play popular light jazz.

Another cute bench. A bench is the most important thing among the park.

Walking Road

Guel Pansion, very dramatic gate.

3. 2002 10 15 Tue. Barcelona

Tep:PA150690.jpg Tep:PA150692.jpg
Cataluna Square, after CD hunting at the Calle Tallers, we rode the city tour bus

Tep:PA150693.jpg Tep:PA150696.jpg
Tep:PA150697.jpg Tep:PA150699.jpg
Casa Battllo

Tep:PA150694.jpg Tep:PA150695.jpg
Gaudi styled street lamp. Gaudi designed some street lamp.

Tep:PA150700.jpg Tep:PA150701.jpg
Tep:PA150702.jpg Tep:PA150703.jpg
Anonymous but famous architects...^^ not Gaudi. Besides Casa Battllo

Tep:PA150705.jpg Tep:PA150706.jpg
Street of Barcekona. Hyundai is big company in Korea

Tep:PA150707.jpg Tep:PA150708.jpg
Cataluna national gallery, I must have to visit there!!!

Cute boy of Miro

Tep:PA150710.jpg Tep:PA150713.jpg
Flash and no flash. Olympic stadium

Fantastic Mont Juic

Tep:PA150728.jpg Tep:PA150729.jpg
Night scene of Barcelona sea side. I heard two Korean girls rubbed in this sea side...-_-a

Street performer of La Lambla

4. 2002 10 16 Wed. Barcelona

Tep:PA160752.jpg Tep:PA160767.jpg
La Lambla

Temtation defeated me once more...-.-

Tep:PA160741.jpg Tep:PA160742.jpg
Modern art gallery. Bullshit!

Tep:PA160745.jpg Tep:PA160747.jpg
Tep:PA160748.jpg Tep:PA160749.jpg
But street graffitties were fantastic!

Tep:PA160750.jpg Tep:PA160751.jpg
Big Chinese restaurant

Short ware even October

Tep:PA160754.jpg Tep:PA160756.jpg
Tep:PA160757.jpg Tep:PA160758.jpg
Catalunya Cathedral

Tep:PA160760.jpg Tep:PA160762.jpg
Piccaso museum, it was hidden...-.-

Tep:PA160763.jpg Tep:PA160764.jpg
From Ero Museum. Fendi was the ero comix writer...-_-

Tep:PA160765.jpg Tep:PA160766.jpg
From old market

Head spin boys

@ 2002 10 17 Thu. Granada, Espana

Tep:PA170771.jpg Tep:PA170772.jpg
From the blah-blah morning toast shop

Tep:PA170773.jpg Tep:PA170775.jpg
Tep:PA170777.jpg Tep:PA170778.jpg
A forgotten hill near Alhambra

Tep:PA170781.jpg Tep:PA170783.jpg
Tep:PA170795.jpg Tep:PA170803.jpg
Nothing to see in Alhambra...-_-

Tep:PA170787.jpg Tep:PA170788.jpg
A square in Alhambra

Tep:PA170789.jpg Tep:PA170790.jpg
Albaicin Area, nothing to see of course

Tep:PA170780.jpg Tep:PA170793.jpg
Tep:PA170802.jpg Tep:PA170807.jpg
Cats in Alhambra

Never believe this kind directions!

Tep:PA170810.jpg Tep:PA170811.jpg
Portable markets

Granada under construction

5. 2002 10 18, Fri. Sevilla, Espana

Tep:PA180815.jpg Tep:PA180816.jpg
Tep:PA180817.jpg Tep:PA180818.jpg
Mudehar style. Gaudi's ancester :)

Tep:PA180819.jpg Tep:PA180822.jpg
Tep:PA180825.jpg Tep:PA180831.jpg
Inside the Cathedral

Tep:PA180851.jpg Tep:PA180852.jpg
Sevilla Cathedral, really big

Tep:PA180854.jpg Tep:PA180856.jpg
Giralda Tower

Tep:PA180860.jpg Tep:PA180862.jpg
Too boring days

Tep:PA180864.jpg Tep:PA180865.jpg
Spain Square. very dirty.

Tep:PA180866.jpg Tep:PA180867.jpg
Korean group trippers...-_-

Tower of gold, Columbus' map is in there

Tep:PA180876.jpg Tep:PA180877.jpg
Tep:PA180878.jpg Tep:PA180879.jpg
Tep:PA180883.jpg Tep:PA180885.jpg
Flamenco dancer, beautiful!

6. 2002 10 19 Sat. Sevilla

Do you know Spain group Los Canarios?

Tep:PA190887.jpg Tep:PA190888.jpg
Grotesque saint statue

Tep:PA190890.jpg Tep:PA190891.jpg
Ceiling pictures by Murillo

Tep:PA190894.jpg Tep:PA190896.jpg
Management is shit~

Tep:PA190899.jpg Tep:PA190901.jpg
Tep:PA190904.jpg Tep:PA190905.jpg
Tep:PA190906.jpg Tep:PA190909.jpg
Flamenco team Los Gallos

Tep:PA190912.jpg Tep:PA190913.jpg
With dancers


마지막 편집일: 2003-1-9 2:22 am (변경사항 [d])
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