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마지막 편집일: 2005-9-20 10:24 am (변경사항 [d])
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들국화 : Wild Chrysanthemum (1982 - )
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LINK : KPDB:1217새 창으로 열기

Biography or Not

HaengJin(1985); Parade; 행진

 Rock, Ballade

The band DeulGukHwa is the first substancial independant rock band which has resistancial image.
JeonInKwon's shouting voice and appearance were the icon of young ages under suppression by Military Dictatorship.
[GeuGeotManI NaeSeSang; That's only my World]새 창으로 열기 and [HaengJin]새 창으로 열기 were anthems of 80s. They did club live actively and handed the opposite culture over to indie bands. Cause of differences of their musical direction, the band broken. Some Korean Rock analysts say if they made 4 or 5 albums more, Korean Rock became a little better.
[OHuMan ItDeon IlYoIl; Sunday, all was Afternoon]새 창으로 열기 is represent of 80s ballad. --DisTort, 1999

#01(1998) as 'JeonInKwon & HanSangWon'
 (DongA; DMR)

I think most of you know who these two people are, but I will introduce them nonetheless. Jeon, In Kwon is, I dare say, a legend in his own right in Korean rock. He used to be with a great early 80s group DeulGukHwa. Han, Sang Won is best known for his "funky" guitar playing (he is also known for spending ten years at Berklee :)). He is a very good guitar player. I wouldn't say he is a modern guitarist, but I believe he can just about play any style. His previous two albums weren't successful commercially, but I think he will be best remembered for his guitar playing, not for his original music.

Anyway, this album is brought by these two great musicians. Interesting thing is that this album had very little publicity exposure. Even the album jacket is very plain. I think they just knew only people like me will get it anyway. :)

I am not certain, but about half of the tracks are remakes, such as GeuGeotManI Nae SeSang and MiIn. And after listening to the CD for a while, I suddenly realized that Jeon, In Kwon actually sounds like Ozzy. Is it just me? It's a great CD. My only gripe is that the CD info sheet didn't credit the involved musicians. The marketing side of this project is really low budget. :)

Bottom line: Get it. --HongCho, 1998-10-27


As Year Album Title
DeulGukHwa 1985 HaengJin
DeulGukHwa 1986 Live(2CD)
DeulGukHwa 1986 JeBal
JeonInKwon & HeoSeongUk 1987 ChuEok DeulGukHwa
Remember, DeulGukHwa
JeonInKwon 1988 PaRangSae
Blue Bird
ChoiSeongUk 1988 JeJuDoEui PuReun Bam
Blue Night in JeJu Island
JuChanKwon 1988 DaSi ManNalDdaeGgaJi
Untill We Meet Again
JeonInKwon 1989 JiGeumGgaJi Ddi IJeBuTeo
Till Now, From Now
ChoiGuHui 1989 Nae ChinGuYa
My Friend
SonJinTae 1989 MiRyeon
ChoiSeongUk 1990 EoRinWangJa
Little Prince
JuChanKwon 1990 Sae HanMaRi
A Bird
ChoiSeongUk 1992 Best
JeonInKwon 1993 Best
JuChanKwon 199? AChimDongSan OSolGil
Pathway on a Morning Hill
JeonInKwon 1993 Live
ChoiSeongUk 1994 Best in Live(live)
DeulGukHwa 1995 URi
JeonInKwon & HanSangWon 1998 #01
JuChanKwon 2000 One Man Band



마지막 편집일: 2005-9-20 10:24 am (변경사항 [d])
231 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기