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델리스파이스 : Deli Spice (1995 - )
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Biography or Not

Doesn't the name reminds you of a group of repulsive ladies? That was what I was worried about when I first saw the name at the record store. Don't worry. They are a rock band, playing 90s rock. They are an underground band and, in attitude, in the same field as EonNiNeIBalGwan. I am really glad to find more of these rock-based bands trying very hard to get their music out into the gayo public who is getting used to too much "idols". --HongCho, 1998-01-11

Deli Spice are a four member band that play a kind of guitar-based raw techno dance music. I find their music reminiscent of New Order or the Psychedelic Furs. Younger fans probably can make comparisons to newer bands which may be even more accurate (Although recently Deli Spice have taken to playing U2's Pride and Depeche Mode's Just Can't Get Enough for their encores.) Deli spice have produced two CDs. The first, a self-titled album was released around the summer of 1997. The opening bars give the impression that the listener is in for some cliched synth music but that impression soon gives way to some excellent modern pop where the guitars and keyboards merge and, in conjunction with some excellent drumming, create some solid rhythms. The simple rhythms combined with simple lilting melodies are highly infectious. Highly recommended.

The second album "Welcome to the Delihouse" was released in early 1999. It is beautifully packaged and the audio production is oviously a step up from their debut. Most fans won't be disappointed because it is more of the same catchy rhythms and melodies. There is some experimentation with the musical arrangement and the "buzz saw" droning guitar sound is not so obvious. Overall its a pleasant rock album with a grandeur about it.

Members: Kim Min-kyu; guitar, vocals 김민규 Yun Jun-ho; bass, vocals 윤준호 Lee Seung-ki; keyboards 이승기 Oh In-nok; drums 오인록 Choi Jae-hyuk; drums 최재혁 (Oh In-nok played drums on the first album. Choi Jae-hyuk has been playing for the live performances since late 1997 and on the second album.)


I'm not sure if Sweetpea is Kim Minkyu's solo project or a team of musicians. Sweatpea is the only credit given to tracks on Dalaeseouikunyeon (달에서의9년) [9 years on the Moon ?] released in early 1999. The album features 6 tracks and is packaged in an obvious "homegrown" style decorated with simple coloured pencil illustrations. The first track (오! 나의공주님) [Oh, My Princess] is Kim accompanied by a single acoustic/electric guitar. The type of guitar lacks richness and clarity but has a certain warmth to it. The song is carried by a well crafted melody that overrides the simplicity. The second song (납 메아리) is a waltz style song accompanied by several instruments most noticabley, electric harpsichord. (Comparisons to the Beatles' Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite or The Stranglers' Golden Brown lept to mind!) Track #3, Inyeon (인연) [Fate] is the sort of atmospheric sythesiser track that might accompany long panning distance shots of some movie. This gives way to sounds of waves rolling on a beach and people calling, (클리프) [Cliff/Clip ?] which leads to Track #5, an electric keyboard based instrumental, is somewhere between pensive movie soundtrack, louge music and carousel accompaniment. the final track, is Geurimja (그림자) [Shadow] a soulful ballad with Kim's vocals, guitar and backing vocals.

Deli Another Deli Spice page (Korean) --MichaelGlass

deli spice(1997)

 British Modern Rock, GaYo

DisTort, 2000

This darely debut album opened the new era of Korean indie scene. When I first hear this album, I thought they are Charlatans till their vocal part appear. Their sound is very smooth and well made. The production of this album is over the limit of GaYo engineering level.
Most important part is their feeling. The feel of this album is very British. At the year 1997 the world is in the boom of britpop. They absorbed the wind better or same level as the bands of Britain. Of course the sympathy of contemporary GaYo, most of all late 80s, on the feeling of this album.
They got the popularity by the words of mouth. Most press praised them and they became star gradually. Now they're superstar already. Their concert is always sold out.
As a leader of Korean indie scene they do their music. But it's hard to find the progress or experiment on their music. Leader KimMinGyu does his solo project SweetPea, released 2 albums. He got some cult fans. He made indie label moonrise.

HongCho, 1998-01-09

At first, I hesitated because I was worried what if this is a SpiceGirls wannabe. But I picked it up anyway. A good thing I did.

I guess you can call them an underground/amateur rock band who were lucky enough to issue a solo album. Good for them and good for us. They are somewhat similar in attitude, not in sound, to EonNiNeIBalGwan. Also, some of the songs reminded me of U2 a lot.

DeliSpice are KimMinGyu (guitar & vocal), YunJunHo (bass & vocal), LeeSeungGi (keyboards), and OInRok (drums).

No Carrier
GaMyeon Mask
ChaWuChaWu - AMuRi AeReul SseuGo MakABoRyeo HaeDo NeoEui MokSoRiGa DeulLyeo ChaWuChaWu - I Keep Hearing Your Voice Whatever I Try to Block it
Corn Flake
GiBbeumI DeulLiJi AnNeun GeoRi Street Where No Happyness is Heard
JeoSeung TamBangGi Record of Visit to Netherworld
GwiHyang Going Home
NuGa? Who Else?
TuMyeongInGan Invisible Man
ORaenManEui WoeChul Outing in a Long Time
SaSuJaRi Sagittarius

deli spice(1997)

 [Music Design] 
 British Modern Rock, GaYo

HongCho, 1999-04-27

I guess two years is a good time to prepare for a next album... Anyway, DeliSpice came back with a new album with a title, very similar to an interesting ToddSolondz movie. They are KimMinGyu (guitars, vocal, talk box, sampling & programming), YunJunHo (bass, vocal, sampling & programming, keyboard programming), ChoiJaeHyeok (drums, effect & rhythm programming, percussion), and YangYongJun (keyboards, strings). I don't know... KimMinGyu's face looks very familiar. I keep thinking that he might be from my high school...

Anyway, it's pretty good. I'd say their style has become more mainstream than their debut album. But their music is very well polished and not boring to listen to. This is another direction that I want gayo to go (along with other pop rock bands).

One thing I noticed was that they included the track the did for SanUlRim, Tribute Album, which I believe hooked them up with HasegawaYohei of GopChangJeonGol and HwangSinHyeBand for their second track.

Another thing is that LeeSeungGi who was a member for the debut album actually participated in four tracks instead of YangYongJun, but didn't get credited as the member. I guess the group's organization was in transition when they were recording. It seems KimMinGyu and YunJunHo are the core...

Bottom line: Get it and enjoy it.

Welcome to the DeliHouse
HyeonGiJeong Vertigo
MiAn Sorry
JongI BiHaengGi Paper Plane
My Way IJeGgeot
DalRyeoRa JaJeonGeo Run, Bicycle
PiNanCheo Shelter
InYeon Fate
TaeYangEui GyeGok Valley of Sun
Du NunEul GamEun TaJoCheoReom Like an Ostrich with Both Eyes Closed
WonHanDaMyeon If You Want
HoeSang Reminiscence (allstar version)


As Year Album Title
DeliSpice 1997 deli spice
SweetPea 1999 Sweet Pea
DeliSpice 1999 Welcome to delihouse
DeliSpice 2000 SeulPeuJiMan SaSil
Sad but True
SweetPea 2000 Never Ending Story



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