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크라잉넛 : Crying Nut (1996 - )
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Our Nation 1(1996)

 Punk, GaYo

Originally named 'Black SsiBal(SsiBal is a Korean abuse)', CryingNut started their musical career as a school band. CryingNut consists of ParkYunSik(v.,g.), LeeSangMyeon(g.,v.), HanGyeongRok(b.,v.), and Lee's twin brother LeeSangHyeok(d.). All of the members are old friends who've lived in the neighborhood. 'Gig for the movement against import of rice' or 'Gig for defectors from North Korea' were the titles of their funny gigs on the rooftop of the school. Their only one audience at that time was Park, joined the member later, paid a admission fee by electronic guitar batteries.

One day, during their travels, they used up their money to buy walnut cookie, so they had to go home on foot. Inspired by this happening, they named the band 'CryingNut'.(You might think 'Crying Walnut' is the more proper name, but they didn't know the word, 'walnut' in those days)

1995 was a memorable year both CryingNut and Korean independent music scene. They became freshmen and some bands influenced by alternative appeared on the scene. Metal live club such as 'Rock World' has existed consistently, but live club that specialized alternative or punk rock is rather unfamiliar until then. (Strictly speaking, live club was an illegal place for a long while in Korea) 'Drug' was the first runner of these clubs. At first CryingNut was only audience of this live club. Lee SeokMun, the owner of this club and Drug Band's future manager, set these kids on the stage.

We can call these Drug Bands (CryingNut and NoBrain) at this time the first generation of Korean Neo-Punk Movement. Their raw and violent performances on the 'Street Punk Show' in the middle of SinChon street was a culture shock to many young people. CryingNut and Yellow Kitchen recorded compilation album < Our Nation I > in 1996. This album was initially pressed a small amount on their own label, Drug. Punk and alternative was the two different streams of Drug at that time and this two bands represented each side. < Our Nation I > became a model of serial independent compilation album production.

They call themselves 'JoSeonPunk'(JoSeon is the latest Korean Dynasty). This word was originated LeeSeongU, a member of 'NoBrain'. JoSeonPunk has some differences form original punk. If the original punk was the antithesis of rock music, Korean punk was the antithesis of the boy/girl dance groups because these idol groups have monopolized Korean music scene. Also they couldn't entirely ignore mass media. There are few channels to let people know about one's music in Korea. So they sometimes appear on the TV screen or radio station. Finally they were born in a middle-class family and their fans are not limited to working-class. It is because Korea is not a hierarchical society, so class consciousness is very weak.

But the spirit of punk, anti-superstar attitude and DIY ethos is alive in their music. This album includes their hit song 'MalDalRiJa; Ride a Horse'. The compact composition, impressive chorus and nihilistic lyrics make this song an anthem of youth. I know it is very dangerous comparison, but I think < Our Nation I > has common points with SexPistols, < Nevermind the Bollocks... > though their impact not so explosive and wide ranged. This album is very rough in recording but anytime when we play it, we can feel the mid-90's tension and expectations of the early days of Korean punk movement. -- vanylla, 2000

MyoBiMyeong(1998); Epitaph; 묘비명

 Punk, GaYo

Produced by Drug (a rock club in Seoul, Korea) and distributed by DMR, this is another indie band with a major distributor. Interesting because compared Spooky Banana, their music is less pop-ish.

The members of this very rough and tough band are ParkYunSik (vocal, guitars), LeeSangMyeon (guitars, vocal), HanGyeongRok (bass, vocal), and LeeSangHyeok (drums).

This punk rock album has a very rough side of the rock club scene. It think this album seems to be most close to the sound you can actually hear at the club, live. Even their playing is sometimes uneven. I would like to actually listen to them live. I think that would be more interesting.

Although they call themselves a "punk rock" band, I hear more of the late-70s classic rock sounds. (Am I confusing "punk" with "funk"? Probably not. They aren't that funky if you ask me.) Anyway, I think they should just call themselves a classic rock band, or they should get better in-studio recording and mixing engineers next time for their studio releases. --HongCho, 1998-07-08


Year Album Title
1995 Our Nation 1(split album with YellowKitchen)
1998 MyoBiMyeong
1999 SseoKeoSeu MaeJik YuRangDan
Circus Magic Nomads



마지막 편집일: 2002-4-16 9:03 pm (변경사항 [d])
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