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크래쉬 : Crash (1993 - )

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Biography or Not

HongCho, 1997-07-07

I've scanned the sticker of their logo and re-touched it a little in the Photoshop.

Hmm... Frankly speaking, I don't like metals/hard rocks much. It's just that I've happened to hear about the vocalist/bassist Mr. An's name from Seotaiji's third album. And they are quite good and very unique for a Korean standard.

I am giving you a fair warning beforehand. Their music is quite noisy, and if you don't have a taste for this kind of music, well, I can't help you.

Crash are YunDuByeong (g), JeongYongUk (d), and AnHeungChan (b).

Endless Supply of Pain (1993)
 ★★★★★ (MetalForce)
 Thrash/Death Metal

HongCho, 1997-07-07

Their debut album. It is made under a Korean metal label, MetalForce as its first project. Their music is, from what I gather, a "thrash" metal. Fast beat, grinding vocal... The CD comes also with a Crash sticker! Very cool design.

The album was produced and engineered by CollinRichardson, who seems to be a quite well-known British engineer/producer. Maybe that's why, but the album seems to be quite well made. Check out their rendition of Smoke on the Water.

DisTort, 1999

Crash is the representative metal band in Korea. Like Japan or north Europe, thrash/death metal scene is big in Korea. So there are many amature metal bands. Most high school bands starts their musical carrier[?] playing Metallica, Slayer or Helloween...^^ When I first listened music, I started with Metallica's 3rd album Master of Puppets, at 16 years old.
Of so many bands the play of Crash was outstanding. Then the metal only label Metal Force[now bankrupted] founded and Metal Force decided to release the first album of Crash, Endless Supply of Pain.
Vocal, Bass and Leader An HeungChan did well not only playing but also song-writing. And the very famous metal producer Colin Richardson pulled out very clean and powerful sound. Many metal fans of Japan and Europe approved this album as masterpiece. I think too.


Year Album Title
1993 Endless Supply of Pain
1995 To Be or Not To Be
1997 Experimental State of Fear
2000 Terminal Dream Flow



마지막 편집일: 2002-3-27 12:45 am (변경사항 [d])
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