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마지막 편집일: 2002-3-16 3:49 am (변경사항 [d])
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부활 : BuHwal (1985 - )
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Biography or Not

This is a very famous hard-rock band that produced quite a bit of famous male vocalists (e.g., LeeSeungCheol). Their original metal/hard-rock style has given way to softer rocks. But, they still rock. --HongCho, 1998-01-13

GiEokSangSil(1993); Loss of Memory; 기억상실

 Rock Ballad, Bluesy Tone, Guitar Instrumental

BuHwal is a nearly one man band of KimTaeWon who plays bluezy guitar like David Gilmour. Starting as a band but disbanded, rebirthed, member changed...and so on.
This album is made mostly by KimTaeWon, and his compositions were pathetic, contains ballad masterpiece [SaRangHalSuRok; As Love Grows on] and [SoNaGi; Passing Rain] based on Korean novellet.
Vocal, KimJaeGi has high octave so capable difficult songs. He died by car accident. His little brother KimJaeHui became the next vocal.
Sadly quality of their follow albums is lower than this. --DisTort, 1999

BulEui BalGyeon(1997); Discovering the Fire; 불의 발견

http://www.kpopdb.com/images/coverart/150/1100668_cd_f.jpg [Cross Neighbor Communication Production; WoongJim Media]

This fifth album came right after their rather unsuccessful fourth album. The third album did well popularity-wise, but the previous one failed miserably.
This album has a rock-solid performance by the members. It also contains three instrumental tracks at the end, which seems to be the theme of this CD.
The first track, Lonely Night, did well in the gayo charts, but all the other tracks are also pretty good. Solid as they can be.
Recently, I heard that they got a keyboard player as a member. Hope they produce more wonderful rock numbers in their future. --HongCho, 01/13/1998

Lonely Night
SeulPeun BaRaem Sad Wish
21c BulGyeongGi 21st Century Depression
JakEun NeoEGe To a Small You
MaSulSa Magician
Ddo DaReun MiRo Another Maze
MiDeum Creed
HoeSang Reminiscence
BulEui BalGyeon I
BulEui BalGyeon II
BulEui BalGyeon III

ISangSiSeon(1999); Antic Sight; 이상시선

2084039 [CREAM]

For this album, BuHwal are KimTaeWon (guitars), JeongJunGyo (bass), ChaeJaeMin (drums), KimGiYeon (vocal), and ChoiSeungChan (keyboards & piano). (It seems for these "traditional" rock bands, the member changes are a common thing.)

This is their sixth (for some reasons, I thought they would have more albums out...). Their music is pretty consistent. Not too heavy, 80's-rock-based, more like pop rock. This time with a keyboard player, some tracks have more prominent keyboard-related sounds. And I think Park, WanGyu who did the vocal for the last album was better. However, musically and recording-wise, they are solid. They've gotten their formula all figured out. One interesting thing to note is that as with their previous album, it have a set of three tracks that bear the CD title.

Bottom line: If you liked their previous album, you will also enjoy this one as well. --HongCho, 1999-04-04


Year Album Title Vocal
1986 Born Again LeeSeungCheol
1987 Remember
1993 GiEukSangSil KimJaeGi
Loss of Memory
1995 JabNyeomE GwanHaYeo KimJaeHui
About Idle Thoughts
1997 BulEuiBalGyeon ParkWanGyu
Discovering the Fire
1999 ISangSiSeon KimGiYeon
Antic Sight


마지막 편집일: 2002-3-16 3:49 am (변경사항 [d])
308 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기