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마지막 편집일: 2004-3-5 2:24 am (변경사항 [d])
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Binu Dodook [Soap Thief/Thieves] 비누 도둑 NoSmok:아말감새 창으로 열기

Binu Dodook are an amateur three piece band led by Nam Seung Hee. She is the founder and driving force behind the band and writes the band's mostly original material. Although armed with only basic musical knowledge and technical skill, Nam demonstrates a distinct talent for melody and lyric writing. In some ways her limitations may be an advantage. She claimed she began writing songs because it was too hard to work out other bands' material. She does seem to able to absorb the essence of other bands and draws on their styles to compose new material. Her lyrics display a wry view of anxieties of modern life.
Binu Dodook play a simple and raw punk style. The music is not all fast and thrashy (although they probably would like to do so on occasions). Songs vary from ballads to more typical punk with a pinch of folk style thrown in. My first impression was a comparison to Pipiband because of the simple style and Seung Hee's high pitched, often almost shouted vocals. Other comparisons brought to mind acts such as The Velvet Underground, The Violent Femmes, Jonathon Richmond & the Modern Lovers, and Shonen Knife. While writing this, the classic punk band X-ray Specs came to mind as well. Certainly the band's range of styles and tongue-in-cheek attitude merits a comparison.

They recorded a demo and printed copies of a raw demo CD (which may be avaliable from their website, I think.) They are currently taking a break probably enduced by the lack of stable band line-up.


Nam Seung-hee; vocals, guitar 남승희 Kim Hyeok-jung; bass 김혁중 Seo Seung-won; drums 서승원 (Seo Seung-won replaced Kim Session who replaced Kim Woo-jin who replaced Han Yoo-son 한유선 in January 1998. Kim Hyeok-jung replaced Shin Dong-seon) Currently playing on a slightly irregular basis at Freebird (near Hong-ik University) on Fridays and Master Plan (near Shinchon) on Thursdays. Recently personnel problems have made their appearances increasingly rare although they appear to be stable and will start playing out in late April '99.

With occasional guest appearances from...

Nam Seung-hee's Soap Thief page --MichaelGlass

마지막 편집일: 2004-3-5 2:24 am (변경사항 [d])
185 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기