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마지막 편집일: 2002-4-13 9:59 am (변경사항 [d])
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: Ann (1995 - 1999)

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Skinny Ann's Skinny Funky (1998)


Ann are JangHyeonJeong (vocal), ChoiSeongHun (guitars and vocal), KangHeuiChan (bass) and LeeDaeU (drums).

The band with a somewhat unique name, Ann. Their music is based on rock, but borrows from some of modern genre, such as rap and raggae. Actually, this is one of the few CDs I liked from the 20 or so CDs I bought on this trip to Seoul.

The strange thing about this CD is that, I am sure it was released last year, but inside the cover, it carries the copyright message dated 1995. Maybe it was recorded in 1995, but released later? I don't know. The music is pretty good even for early 1998, but if it was 1995, they were pretty good, indeed. I just wished that they had a brass section for some of the songs. :)

This 11-track (with a hidden track) CD actually surprised me why they didn't get any (well, much) media attention... Their sound might need a bit more polishing, but they are pretty good, already.

Bottom line: If you like a pop/rock, you will love this CD. It definitely will go into my CD changer.

I think it's their debut album, but for some reason, the info sheet had a copyright notice of 1995 for recording. I am pretty certain that this album was released in 1998, so my guess is that it was released after being recorded several years ago.

They are doing the post-grunge-college-rock-band music ("Say what?") that mixes various genres of music based on rock. They are pretty good and if it were indeed recorded in 1995, I am certain that they were too much ahead for the Korean music scene to be released. Their musical direction is another of what I'd like to see. I just wish that they had a three-piece brass section... --HongCho, 1999-03-07

Skinny Funky
Love Letter
MuGiRyeok DaePokBal Big Explosion of Languidness
NaBbeuGe MalHaGi Talking Bad
NaeGa Mwol? What Did I Do?
GuTo Vomit
OHuEui NaemSae Smell of Afternoon
HaetSalGaeChi SalABwa! Live Like Sun!
TaePungI OGiJeongE Before a Typhoon
Rain 28
Nan NeoMu YakHae I Am Too Weak
JjaTuRi Leftovers
YeokSi YeSangDaeRoDa As Expected / Master V
DolDaeGaRi Bonehead



마지막 편집일: 2002-4-13 9:59 am (변경사항 [d])
182 hits | 변경내역 보기 [h] | 페이지 소스 보기