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From AnChiHwan

NeoReul SaRangHan IYu(1993); The Reason of Loving You; 너를 사랑한 이유

 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad, Rock

SonDon, 1999

After the album CONFESSION, AnChiHwan has got many live concerts from here to there, more open and often. We have seen him almost every on-street demonstration on comtemporary hot issues. But, the collapse of the Soviet has really a great impact on the progressive in South Korea. Also for AnChiHwan.
The inner conflicts between the social and the music-itself has borne out this album, [NeoReul SaRangHan IYu; The Reason of Loving You]새 창으로 열기.
Yes. This album shows itself a typical, which is involved in a very general kind of debates prevailed in early nineties to mid nineties what we call the debates on the praxis vs. the pure in popular cultural regime.

Of course, he is not a kind of a betrayer. In this album, we can see how he does feel and what he has determined. He shows very unique emotions lined from his 1st album, like the song [SuPulEulHeChiMyeo; Wriggling through the Woods].
Very serious but warm perspectives on the life of the people in this land. But, in this album, an atmosphere of sorry for leaving or retreating is prevailing, with self-encouraging monologue on these songs [NeoReul SaRangHan IYu; The Reason of Loving You]새 창으로 열기,[DangDangHaGe; In Right Way]새 창으로 열기 and [SaengEui EuiMiReul ChatASeo; To Know the Meaning of Life]새 창으로 열기. He is, however, still going on his music. None can blame him!
Actually, this album has established an apex of An style music. High pitches, soft but strong voice and serious lyrics, and sophisticated sounds at that time(also good for this time!) with his uniquely appealing voice makes this album very attractive. And, very appealing emotions for the contemporaries(around 1995).
The most frequently airflied song, [NaeGa ManIl; If I]새 창으로 열기 makes him very famous beyond MinJungGaYo(DisTort comment : GaYo which inclined to the revolutionary movement) scene. He felt very uncomfortable with that in a few months. But this song is now recognized as one of the most beloved songs in GaYo scene.

 If I Be, A Sky, 
 I Rather Be Dyed In Your Face. 
 Dyed On Your Cheeks, As A Red Sunset. 

 If I Be, A Poet, 
 I Rather Sing For You. 
 Singing With Happiness, As A Baby In Its Mom. 

 If I Be, A Cloud, 
 I Rather Be A Rain. 
 Rain In Sultry Summer Days, As A Sudden Shower. 

 If You Want, Something, 
 I Will Be Everything For You. 
 How Wonderful Joy, That I Am With You, Now. 

 If You Know, My Beloved One, 
 If You Only Know, My Beloved One.
translated by SonDon

Sad to speak, his music after this album is rahter discouraging. Similar style, similar developing(, but still good...). Even worse, he becomes to be a kind of retrospective.
He has enlarged the GaYo scence with spirits and experiences from MinJungGaYo regime. But, he is restricted by the obssesion of the new and the popular. Many say he is won over to the popularism. Is he really left from the progressive? I do not think so. He is just pondering on till now, I hope.

p.s. [DangDangHaGe] was once involved in a sort of plagiarism problem.

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