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안치환 : An ChiHwan (1966 - )
Related : NoChatSa

LINK : [An ChiHwan & JaYu]새 창으로 열기

Biography or not

He was originally acted in the music commune NoChatSa.

An Chi-hwan may be considered the most important, or at least most popular, singer currently in the folk-rock category.

The first thing that caught my attention about An was his distinctive voice. It seemed to encompass both anger and pain and has a soft but gravelly quality. The first song I heard was on a Hana Music compilation called "Winter Songs". His voice grew on me and I would notice it occasionally coming from radios or on the street.

His recent 5th album "Desire" is a good but farily pedestrian fock-rock album with the empahsis on rock. It seems like music that could have been made anytime after the '60s. There are moments that date the album by way of Kenny G style saxophone or techical guitar solos. However An's strength is supposed to be as a lyricists and since I'm not so fluent in Korean (and don't pay much attention to lyrics anyway) that aspect is lost on me. Occassionally, I am struck by a comparison to Springsteen in both quality of voice and vocal delivery, and the grandness of the arrangements. --MichaelGlass

GoBaek(1993); Confession; 고백

 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad

The Student Movement against the Military Dictatorship had existed in Korea during 50s ~ mid 90s They are moving to the NGO in these days.
And there are so many rebel songs[or radical songs]. One part of folk singers like JeongTaeChun, KimMinGi, HanDaeSu sang the rebel songs. AnChiHwan is one of them.
But he got a popularity. His live is still sold out and his albums are always on the shop. His love songs are sung in NoRaeBang[singing room].

From this album he got the name. This album contains not only rebel song but love song. [JaYu; Freedom]새 창으로 열기 and [SoGeumInHyeong; Doll of Salt]새 창으로 열기 are the hit song. The song [SoGeumInHyeong] has very sad lyric. --DisTort, 1999

 To know the depth of sea,
 Doll of Salt gone to the sea.

 To know the depth of you,
 I gone to your blood.

 I've melt down as Doll of Salt.

 poet by RyuSiHwa, translated by DisTort

NeoReul SaRangHan IYu(1993); The Reason of Loving You; 너를 사랑한 이유


 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad, Rock

I did mention about his new (fifth) album in the February news. I also said that I wish that it would be better than his last work. Yes, it's definitely better. The arrangements on all fifteen tracks are done a lot more "modern," more of rock elements. Of course, it still carries all of his characters. He wrote most of the music and the words, and used poems from some prominent Korean poets. He still plays nylon guitars and harmonicas.

I think the difference is in the overall "upbeat" mood of the album. The lyrics may be dark, but all the tracks have good rhythmic beats and very solid recording/mixing. I recommend it with reservation to the fan of Mr. An.

[Rant On] One last thing... This might sound like a personal attack, but I don't know why people use LeeJuHwan for trumpets. He might have an experience, but his playing lacks the soul. He just doesn't sound good. [Rant Off] --HongCho, 1998-04-04

I Still Believe(1999)

 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad


 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad

Good Luck!(2001)

 GaYo, Rebel Song, Ballad


Year Album Title
1990 1
1991 NoRae HanMaDang
Songs Festvial
1993 Confession
1995 1+2[compilation CD of the first 2 albums]
1995 NeoReul SaRangHan IYu
The Reason of Loving You
1997 Nostalgia[compilation of Radical Songs]
1998 Desire
1999 I Still Believe
2000 Remember[compilation of the lyricist KimNamJu]
2001 Good Luck!



마지막 편집일: 2003-4-15 8:20 pm (변경사항 [d])
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